Revolutionary drinking water production technology

With our water generators you will never be thirsty!

Our experience in the production of atmospheric water generators “AWG” made us a leading provider of the water sources solutions. Our units generate pure drinking water from the air, which will provide you with a daily supply of drinking water. Not only for people, but also for animals and plants.

Achieve 100 % independence from drinking water supplies.
We deal with innovations in the field of drinking water production with an impact on human well being.

Our ground breaking products reduce the carbon footprint and electricity cost, improve air quality, but more importantly produce pure drinking water.

We are now developing typified utility models using renewable resources and their production to re-green the desert. With a focus on renewable biochar, hydrogen technologies and geo engineering. And commodities based on production for a sustainable circular economy.

The fundamental idea of our company is to combat climate change with sustainable projects and to increase the standard of living of the population in the targeted regions.

World first AWG unit for year-round operation include winter - NEW unit QW20L

We are proud to present to you the world’s first atmospheric water generator operating in winter also at minus temperatures. It is a brand-new unique type of atmospheric water generator that can produce clean drinking water now all year round.

The QW20L device is based on a combination of the condensation method (i.e., mechanical cooling, including the use of a compressor unit) and adsorptive dehumidification, where, depending on the situation, hot humid air from a silica gel rotating drum is mixed with the surrounding air in order to produce the largest possible volume of water from the humidity of the air behind unit of time, under variable environmental conditions (especially temperature and air humidity).

The use of the given prototype is both for households and for industry, and it can also be used for the purposes of effective drying of the interior with water production (floods, floods) and for maintaining specific conditions in demanding production areas in the pharmaceutical, food and electrotechnical industries. The given prototype is fully compatible/usable for water production with any commercially produced adsorption dryer or combination of given dryers according to the capacity of the unit with mechanical cooling.

Technology working during below zero temperatures up to -10°C

Project registration number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_262/0020322

Project name: Research and development of an atmospheric water generator at ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o.

Our development staff has thus successfully completed the new L-type series, which is being prepared for mass production and is already available on request.