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Patented Geoengineering Project Increasing The Volume Of Precipitation

Transforming globe by irrigation, intensive farming and following rain enhancement, the real response to the climate change!

Our experience in the production of atmospheric water generators made us a leading provider of the water sources solutions. Our units generate pure drinking water from the air, which will provide you with a daily supply of drinking water. Not only for people, but also for animals and plants.

Patent no. PS4497CZ (PV 2022-449):

Project for the cultivation of deserts and degraded land using plants planted on biochar irrigated with atmospheric water generators as a large-scale biochar plantation by geoengineering reduction of surface albedo in order to increase the volume of precipitation by precipitation of clouds used thermal lift block from plantage.

Benefits of the plantation project:

ÖKOLOGISCH: Planting of carbon farming seedlings, zero waste policy -produces carbon credits and CO2permits. Capturing between 17 and 25 metric tons of CO2 per hectare each year over a 20-year period.

SOCIAL: Creation of thousands of jobs on plantations, refineries, logistics… Migration prevention, general welfare, humanitarian… Ensuring a stable food secure and water secure source for people.

ECONOMIC: Self sustainable and profitable financial cashflow by products: oil, biogas, electricity, water, food, fertilizer (carbon credits), created asset (fertile soil from the desert).

And finally - it create precipitation.
Project (100 x 100 km) will increase precipitation of 11 millimeters per year, which is 11 liters per m2
It will produces 110 million m3 of water per year at least, but we expect much more.