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International marine certification no.BMAVI001: Ecological floating Paolo timber pontoon.
The main advantage of these pontoons is long-term durability and maintenance-free, they resist chemicals and are ten times lighter than conventional technologies. Main use for island hydrogen power plants, Off-grid production, construction of residences and floating airports. Every CE Paolo pontoon is made from the renewable raw material wood built. Protected by a specially developed PU hot foil coating from BASF. He swims indefinitely on any body of water in the world. In addition, it can also be used as a depot for drinking water, treated waste water and rainwater. Of course also for liquid electrolytes with charged renewable energy. And for liquid LOHCÖL with bound green hydrogen etc. And fulfills the simple effect that what is full can no longer fill up.
Put simply, wood floats making it unsinkable.

CE Paolo Timber pontoons achieve the same values, such as heavy-duty pontoons made of steel, concrete or composite materials. However, these need expensive service and maintenance intervals, which are prescribed by maritime authorities and insurance companies. Paolo pontoons do not require expensive service intervals.

They are up to 14 times lighter, which makes logistics, assembly and anchoring costs significantly cheaper. In addition, each pontoon can be used as a depot for liquid substances or technical systems. If you combine several Paolo Timber pontoons with a rigid, high-capacity platform construction. Which is built from hardwood glued beams and fiber concrete panels.

Can modular large perpetual floating platforms be anchored. Which can be changed or built back at any time.

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