About us

We deal with innovations in the field of drinking water production with an impact on human wellbeing.
Our groundbreaking products reduce the carbon footprint and electricity cost, improve air quality, but more importantly produce pure drinking water. We are now developing typified utility models using renewable resources and their production to re-green the desert. With a focus on renewable biochar, hydrogen technologies, and geoengineering. And commodities based on production for a sustainable circular economy. The fundamental idea of our company is to combat climate change with sustainable projects and to increase the standard of living of the population in the targeted regions. Focused especially on water security, food security, economically self-sufficient, CO2 reduction + emission allowances, clean hydrogen energy and floating city expansions.

ECOONE EUROPE since year 2000 timeline


Expand to world market, Manufacturing plant.

ECO 1 Middle East L.L.C (SAE)

Expand to the Middle East, grand opening showroom with offices at Dubai.


QueryTherm® founded, Starts the first manufacturing factory at central Europe.

ECOONE Deutschland GmbH (DEU)

Query®Water founded, headquarters and main offices starts at Stutgart.


Established the idea of the world brand for the smart ecological and efficient savings and energy management systems.

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